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During night showers, walks through the tranquil rustling leaves in the park, and sitting at cafes enjoying a warm cup of coffee, I frequently gaze about and wonder why the universe is so vast and why do I exist. It was a question that no one could fully answer, and I’m still thinking about it at this point.

On the other hand, I posed a simple question to myself. How can I discover my own life’s passion? Is there enough time in my plan for me to attempt everything? I continued asking myself questions that didn’t get me anywhere.

There is one thing about human behavior: we enjoy what we are excellent at. Is that wrong? Not really. But its the sole reason why someone would do the same task or job for years, sometimes even for their own lifetime. Even if it’s not what they love doing in the first place (or have lost their interest), their habitual routine have created a fixed loop of life that seem unbreakable.

The risk of failing and attempting other interest, which one might not be good at, is at stake.

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Humans often find meaning in feeling confident in their capabilities and achievements, regardless of their field of interest. It’s so, so, so addictive that humans often can’t let go, with various factors such as pride, confidence and self-esteem being affected.

We continue to excel in what we are good at, at accelerating rates. We begin to acquire abilities that appear more socially acceptable or we are ‘peer-motivated’ towards specific views by others around us. Personally, I have two points of view on this.

It is admirable that various individuals inspire us and pique our curiosity in previously undiscovered things; yet, one major difficulty is the overly driven motivation that has forced that first exploration to become a serious goal. It ‘forces’ one to learn a certain ability as part of their core skill set.

Even if we had originally intended or wished to accomplish something different with our lives, we find it hard to proceed in that path since abilities are not easy to acquire. In additional to the fact that people are driving us in certain directions, it makes decision making more foggy. Moreover, our own true passion are not always immediately compensated nor will they be promoted by others. This discourages us even more.

Again, we are also told that our goal is instantaneous, which we will know when we felt it. I disagree, multiple new interests has sparked curiosity and excitement, but it has always died down before.

As a result, we lose sight of their purpose, our passion, since we spent all of our time doing something we don’t genuinely enjoy. We sell our time away for laboring eight hours a day to specialize in something we are decently good at, until we have become comfortably adept. In the end, we might feel insecure about doing different things from what we know. More importantly, we’ll never know what it’s like to be fully passionate.

Experimenting leads to the discovery of one’s passion or purpose.

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” — Oprah Winfrey

Imagine this.

You hop out of bed early in the morning, eager to get to work. You may work longer hours than the usual person, but you don’t find it tough since your work hours fly by.

You are frequently in a state of mind known as “flow,” in which you lose sight of time and the outside world, completely immersed in the activity at hand. Work isn’t what many people think of when they think of work; it’s something entertaining, fascinating, and thrilling. It is a passion, not a “work,” that leads to a fulfilling existence.

Yes, as we get better at something, we grow more enthusiastic about it. The better we get, the more we feel that that ‘item’ is a natural part of ourselves.

The important point here is: if you genuinely want something to be a part of your life — for example, an artistic pastime or an interest you want to one day turn into a full-time job — nobody is going to force you to develop your skills. Nobody cares or forces you to put in effort every day. Is it important if it was something that you enjoy and did not achieve up to your standards? Only you can answer that based on your unique personality. To me, it’s based on your natural instinct. Nobody will encourage you to work hard just like getting a promotion for a job. It is totally up to you.

One significant experience I had was the immediate fondness towards an activity. Frequently, when I start doing anything that appears pleasurable and exciting, I have a preconceived notion that I will be good at it in the future. But, that is not the case. If you begin doing anything that appears to be ‘passionate’ with the idea that you would be exceptional at it right immediately, you may soon find yourself saying, “I’m not passionate about this.”

Have you ever considered how certain you are that you are distinguishing between adrenaline gained from an activity for being good at it and the actual enthusiasm for that activity? There is a difference.

Simply put, you haven’t mastered it yet. Try putting in effort and practice the craft for 6months — 1 years, you’d most likely feel completely differently a year later.

Here are some ways you can explore.

  • Understand yourself and think if it something you naturally love doing and maybe explore ways in monetizing it.
  • Spend more time reading and research about various hobbies and passion that is popular in the world.
  • Ask around, but don’t get too influenced.
  • Just try a random activity.
  • Most importantly, DON’T QUIT TRYING. It is the basis of both failure and success, there is not skipping it.

Some authors prefer an in-depth discussion of how to solve or evaluate an issue; nevertheless, I believe that short solutions and self-discovery play a more important role. I’d want to discuss the mental process that led certain ideologies.

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